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Server Move Is Done

Lets see how the dust settles :D

Posted By DavidWest | 2014-08-08 17:03:46
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New Server Is Looking Great

Hey everyone!

The new server is looking amazing :D I've been posting most updates on the forums. I am finishing up switching some of the smaller sites.

Posted By DavidWest | 2014-08-08 09:47:49
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We are switching servers now. Please check out the forums for more up-to-date info

Posted By DavidWest | 2014-08-07 09:40:46
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Good amount of progress - August 4th


  • Mods/admins can add a custom message when moderating similar wallpapers
  • On the forums, the page of a user’s posts now has breadcrumbs back to the user’s main profile
  • Community Abyss topics about a tvshow, movie, or game, now display the name and image of the tvshow/movie/game on the forums.
  • The Avatar Abyss by_sub_category page has been updated to bootstrap3


  • Checked and resolved a few bugs
  • Discussions created about tv shows have a user’s name populated properly.
  • Avatar ratings by user was grabbing ratings for the wrong user. This has been fixed.
  • Avatar comments by user was grabbing comments for the wrong user. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed display issue with large avatars on the new profile page comments
  • Some database optimizations for the new profile page
  • Avatar Abyss profile pages were linking to lots of pages with no content. Removed and redirected those links.

Posted By DavidWest | 2014-08-04 13:25:27
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Daily Updates

Hey everyone!

There is a LOT going on right now - so I'm going to start doing daily, or nearly daily updates again. I actually really enjoy posting what I've been working on, so I'm going to start again. It won't always be daily, but there will be more days with posts than days without, at least in the near future.

Have a good week!

Posted By DavidWest | 2014-08-04 09:53:58
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As I Lived - Family Photo and Video Storage/Sharing

Hey everyone,

I'd like to showcase something I've been working on. It's still very VERY Beta (so kind of Alpha), but the basic idea is there.

As I Lived - - has very simple picture and video storage, aimed for family photos and videos.

You can upload pictures and videos, and share them with family/friends that you choose, or keep them private. Storage isn't free for me, so there is a flat rate of $0.10/GB as an introductory rate, while I continue building the site. I'm not going to bill, or worry about billing, for anything under $5. Any billing in the future will be done via Paypal or Stripe, so it's nice and secure.

Here are some immediate applications:

  • You want to share a video or two, nothing insane. Even a 100MB video will only cost $0.01/month. We automatically convert the video so it will run on a variety of devices, and you can share it with as many friends/family as you want. (video conversion is still a work in progress)
  • The same applies to images. It takes a LOT of images to add up to a few GB worth.
  • So you can test the waters, and share files that would otherwise be hard to share.
  • Say you have a 500MB, or a 1 GB video file you want to share for a few days. The uploader can handle the video just fine :)

If you are interested in this kind of service from Alpha Coders, feel more than free to give input, and features you would like to see. Everything is VERY basic right now, but uploading, and sharing should work just fine :) Thanks everyone!


Posted By DavidWest | 2014-07-29 17:50:05
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Additions To The Creators Program!

Hey everyone!

I hope your week is going well. I've made some additions to the creators program recently. Namely, the supported sites are now Wallpaper Abyss, (new) Art Abyss, Photography Abyss, and (new) Video Abyss!

I'm hoping to feature the creators program more and more in the coming days. If you aren't familiar with the creators program, it's a way to further reward people who submit their original creations. You can find more info here.

Posted By DavidWest | 2014-07-22 12:25:57
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Track Your Favorite Artists

Hey everyone!

I'd like to announce a new feature - currently live on Art Abyss. There are a lot of great artists out there, and wouldn't it be great if you could track when new art from them was posted on Art Abyss?

Now you can! For example, lets take a look at the artist Carolin Vogt. There is a Favorite button! If you favorite an artist, whenever a new submission attributed to that artist is submitted to Art Abyss, you will receive a private message!


Posted By DavidWest | 2014-07-17 12:26:35
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Video Uploading Now Supported!

Hey everyone!

It's been a long time coming, but you can now upload videos to Video Abyss! Just use the normal uploader and select 'video' as your type. Our servers will convert the video to several different formats so it will be playable via HTML5 on just about ANY device and browser. 

Also, don't forget about our current raffle! It's for an awesome plush, and it's REALLY easy to win. Just participate in the community a bit, and submit tickets. Most active members of our community have won something!

Posted By DavidWest | 2014-07-06 19:28:34
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End June/Start of July Progress

Hey everyone!

Still not a ton from me. Mostly just fixes here and there. I suppose I'm in a bit of a regrouping mode after being really busy, and doing a lot. The advertiser situation has pretty much stabliized. I'm hoping to not mess with it over the next month.

Our servers are performing really well right now, so hopefully any upgrades can wait a couple to a few months. I've been going through and making sure all the backups are fine. Everything is looking good across the board.

My side projects, as is typical, have been taking more time than I thought. So I don't really have much to show off at this point - but HOPEFULLY SOON :p lol. Have a good July! :D

Posted By DavidWest | 2014-07-02 12:16:07
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